Monday, September 19

Last summer

This is the last summer memory...

I made this denim skirt along with the top - refashioned both of them by bleaching, dyeing, adding vintage lace and crochets. 

The base of skirt is made from upcycled denim mens shirt. I managed to get all shades of sky by bleaching. I love bleaching!

Top is my favourite tshirt, used to be white, but went grey over time. So why not try dyeing? I choose strawberry red (and added in load also some crochets).

Vintage crochets and lace can rarely go wrong. I mixed them, sew them on and distressed the skirt bottom. Shabby chic they call it!

The pictures are taken in hot June day by my friend, who bought the skirt of me right there, so I have only tshirt to enjoy... Never mind, I will try something else next summer!