Monday, August 8

One year without clothes shopping

1-year 'challenge' OR I'm giving up that nightmare!

Well, before I started I thought it is going to be a challenge. Imagine that! One year, 365 days, 8766 looooong hours!

But the opposite is true.

Firstly, it cannot be a challenge when you have around 300kg (yes, 300, I weighted it once packed in suitcases when I was moving) of clothes, shoes and handbags, all in good quality (this is not showing off, this is something to be ashame of. Unfortunately.). That's 6 times of my body weight, all for one person size S/36/8. This is a trap you call fall into when you are single, on good income, living in Western civilisation and you are being able to buy good quality stuff for very reasonable prices.

Secondly, it cannot be a challenge, when you have basic sewing and crafting skills. And sewing machine, of course. You can amend, shorten, adjust or repurposed any other way, whatever you wish and find in your wardrobe.
Then it is not a challenge as you have family and friends, who have so many clothes like you (and maybe more), so they can always hand you down some of it. And we are back to repurposing.
Other way of turning this challenge into a non-challenge is by becoming unemployed. Every price tag suddenly seems like having three zeros at the end, so you quietly put it back. But try it first without this step. You still need to pay your rent!
The only challenge in when you are passing shop and you see that coat/pair of shoes/dress you were always dreaming about. You think: "I have to have that". No, you don't. Recently I met one lady, who told me about the dress she was dreaming for 30 years. She never found it, she never has it done, and she still had beautiful and wide smile.
And let's be honest, I always had a list of dream things. And they somehow became very UNspecial.
So my 'challenge' started on my first day in Netherlands. It was 14th of March 2011 and so far I'm absolutely fine. And I have one year to figure out what my dream dress is...