Thursday, August 18

Autumn extravaganza

How to add a little extravaganza to your autumn wardrobe - by upcycling your man suit! Simple, easy, you only need basic sewing skills...
This jacket was made as my try to upcycle my BF's suit. The suit was designer one, woolen, great fabric and cut - shame to waste it! I also wanted to make a good use of it... Selling suit on Ebay would get me maximum £10-15, so why not to try something better? I still have a suit jacket left, but once I manage to upcycle it too, I will let you know!
So for this jacket I used only suit trousers, some vintage buttons and fabric for finish (pink satin for edges highlight and white one for flower). Firstly, I washed the trousers in lukewarm water. I know, never wash wool - but this was on purpose! I wanted to make it slightly smaller, so the waist part shrinks a little and fits better as a body of jacket.
Then, I was turning it upside down, trying to figure out, how to make it wearable... for myself. I cut one leg off and sew it back as a sleeve through side pocket. Then I finished jacket with bright pink satin fabric and I draped sleeves. The buttons were exchanged for the vintage ones and here we go!
Still, the different materials, cuts and sizes of every trousers will make each garment one of a kind, so I guess my next project will be different. But I love this game!
These pictures are different views on my new extravaganza jacket. Enjoy!