Wednesday, August 31

Keep bad spirits away...

Recently my life path was crossed with a few bad spirits, bringing a lot of  unnecessary things into my happy life. Thinking about it, I decided to make some lucky charms, to try to keep people in a good mood and a happy life (or happier version of it). The main thing is the knot - according to old Gypsie traditions the knots keep the bad spirits away from the person. I met a woman, who said this needs to be on a red thread and done on a special way. I don't know why and I don't know the way how to do it - all those secrets are kept away from me. So I made my own simple versions, with red, pink and a natural colour treads or cords. And to keep it little up to life, I added flowers, studs and skeletons.

Who said this can't work?

This is my way of keeping bad spirits away - what's yours?

PS: These lucky chains are now on sale here.