Thursday, May 30

How to get new clothes for free (my no-clothes-shopping challenge part 3)

So now you stopped shopping for clothes, and maintain what you have, but suddenly you realize you have nothing to wear (even though your wardrobe is full) there is this urge to run to the nearest shop and grab anything, ANYTHING, just to have something new.

I know that calling very well. Instead of shops, you have somewhere else to get it. And for free.

I have nothing to wear, SERIOUSLY!

Most of our friends have the same lifestyle like we do, they live in similar society, similar house, they have similar taste. We tend to connect with people who are somehow like us. They also dress similar like we do. And this is the point which can help you to go through any difficulties of no-clothes-shopping challenge. You have to spread the word about it, you have to tell. You would be surpised how many clothes your family and friends have in wardrobes, never worn, hanging there, taking space, not being used. Not mentioning the amount of clothes which your friends give away with every spring clean to make space for new ones.

Now I know this might be a long shot, but the odds are actually not that big. There might be a problem with size differences, in personal style differences, but it is worth to try. Of course if you need a new ski jacket, you probably will not succed, or it will not happen that easily like to get a new evening top. But try. I mentioned my challenge to my friends - and they (thinking I am probably suffering and walking naked around) sent me their clothes and I got a pretty good update of my wardrobe, from casual clothing to sexi nighties with price tags still on. (Actually in my case it went a bit futher and I ended up with ALL clothes what people around me didn't need - at the end I had to take around 10 huge bags of clothes to local charity shop!)

Our grandparents had a great concept. They bought clothes for the oldest child, and these clothes were hand down to the younger one, and so on, and so on, until the garment did not fall appart. How simple and effective, isn't it? Many of us shop for vintage, or in drift stores, so to accept clothes from your friends is nothing different. We need to pass it on around, not to dispose it. Forget any negative attitude towards used, old, not made for/own by ONLY ME. Your family and friends have some standards, so you know you are wearing clean stuff. Do it like many pregnant women do - they pass maternity clothes around within family and friend circles. Make clothes swapping party and involve more people into this fun. You can actually get some good advice and new opinions on styling from the best critics ever - your closest ones. Be creative - if your boyfriend has denim shirt which he rarely wears, why to buy new women's 'boyfriend' shirt on high street?