Wednesday, November 12

How to wrap snap scarf

Hello there! This is 'how-to' for all my customers who bought wrap scarf with snaps. I know that it might be difficult at beginning to figure out, how to wrap and style it, but after couple of times you will be fine - all it needs it's practice and the outcome it's a perfect accessory which you can wear pretty much with anything.

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And just follow these steps...

Open snaps and spread scarf in front of you, with middle part of the inner side facing you (label should be in front of you).

Wrap the scarf around/above your shoulders to back.

Cross sides behind your neck...

... so it looks like this:

Bring both sides to front and close snaps. Now you can choose how you close it, I suggest 2 snaps over each other like this:

So scarf is now wrapped twice around your neck, so just adjust both loops if needed.

And just move it slightly to side, so the scarf leans nicely over your shoulder. 


I promise it's very simple and over time you will do it without thinking. Feel free to style it or wrap it any way you like! It's fantastic scarf for colder seasons, over jumper, sweater or coat, so options are endless. Enjoy!

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