Wednesday, May 8

Reduce - stop stocking yourself (no-clothes-shopping challenge step 1)

I was not expecting that much excitement from my friends over my no-clothes-shopping challenge, but seeing the response, I'm pleased to see people actually do realise the need for reducing of our consumption. I had few question about how and what to do, so I decided to write about it more.

So to start with, first of all I think we should focus on reducing. Reduce means do not obtain or buy, avoid stocking yourself. With each season we feel we need to get new garments, because the styles are changing, and what we have in wardrobe is not good enough anymore. Wrong. What we have in wardrobe is plenty enough, and majority is perfectly fine. Basics do not change, and funky fashionable items last and are IN longer than we think. Don't let magazines or fashion website to distract you - if you should follow every advice on styling out there, we would all end up pretty crazy on one huge pile of all sorts of clothing. Instead, get inspired by them and use what you have, play with styles, combine what you never combined before. Open your eyes and see what you have with fresh view, as you never seen it before. It's all about your attitude.

One thought - do you really think you need new clothes? Ok, let's see. Open your wardrobe and dig through, literally. Check everything, turn upside down all drawers. Now, how many items have you found which you forgot about, or you just hold them and think - right, I never worn this or worn it only a few times?

There is your answer. Use more what you already have, just with different perspective. And if nothing else should inspire you, think at least of saved bucks.