Wednesday, December 12

Folklore skirt

Maybe you know these and maybe you even have some of them... Folklore traditional skirts, part of traditional clothing in Europe. These are from West Slovakia (Eastern Europe), over 40 years old. Fantastic satin and cotton, embroidery or lace (or both), plain or not. Originally, these skirts were worn in pairs - first skirt from back to front, second from front to back - so they overlay each other and cover legs in full. To wear them this way might be safe, but I experimented and decided to use just one skirt at time.

Adding extra long stripes I managed to get overskirt fitting to every size, yet wearable. I think this is an item for over leggings, biker shorts (my favorite), skirt or dress. Anything what suits you. The skirt gives feminine shape - it looks fantastic on high waist, and the ruffles at sides and back give nice healthy curly shape.
Farmer'd daughter look is the new IN! ;)