Tuesday, May 1

Jacket sleeve fix

Well, not always it's necessary to refashion everything what I'm given. Sometimes just a quick fix will do. So, I'm not a professional tailor, but maybe you will find this useful. Friend of mine had an amazing neon blue jacket with slightly torned sleeve - in the back part, where the sleeve meets back and where is the pressure when the elbow is bend. I tried to fix it and here's how. It's actually a very relaxing job!

So first of all, rip the lining on the place where the problem is.

Rip all related parts outside - sleve-back hem as well as sleeve hem.

Try to find a spot from which you can cut off some fabric. I cut some from inside pockets. If you don't find any, maybe you can use some contrast one, but then on both sleeves, so you fix old model and create new one at the same time.

Cut of also some pieces of those iron-on fabrics, which will be used to strenghten the problematic part.

Iron it on (from inner side). Make some zig-zag stitching through, so the material is stronger and doesn't get loose again. Be careful not to go too wide, since this stitching will be covered in next step.

Sew on the matching fabric (or contrast one, if you want to make it into new design). Make this look as good and clean as possible, so it looks like the part of the design. Use appropriate threads as well.

Once done, sew together all sleeve stitches you had to undone at beginning. Make sure you follow the original stitch lines, so you keep the original shape of the sleeve.

Sew together the lining - you can use regular stitch, I used zig-zag to make sure it doesn't go loose. If you feel like, handstitching is good too.

So now you have fixed sleeve and there we go - your jacket is ready again! Happy days!